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Fact Sheet

  • Developer:               Sketchy Logic
  • Release Date:           Summer, 2015 (Steam)
  • Platforms:                PC and Mac. Future plans for iOS, Android, and Linux.
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  • Kickstarter price:     £7.00 (around $10.99)
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  • Description

    Aviary Attorney is a dramatic and surreal lawyering adventure game set in 1848 Paris. Through the role of Jayjay Falcon, bird-brained defense attorney, the player must travel around the city, interviewing witnesses and collecting evidence to help prove their client's innocence. In court, the player has to scrutinize witness testimonies and present the gathered evidence at opportune times to win a Not Guilty verdict.

    Aviary Attorney has a unique aesthetic thanks to the use of genuine 19th century lithographs for the character art and backgrounds, and the use of French romantic-era music for the soundtrack. The game has effectively been in development for over 170 years!


      • Unique time mechanics. Falcon only has a few days before each trial, so every decision counts. Careless moves may cost the player vital pieces of evidence.
      • A flexible narrative with branching paths. The game does not end upon a Guilty verdict.
      • A detailed overview map of Paris with numerous landmarks to be explored.
      • Dozens of colorful NPCs to interact with, from cafe-running dodos to librarian donkeys.
      • Four connected cases, with the potential for further cases to be included as bonus chapters in the future.
      • Authentic 19th century character art provided by French caricaturist J. J. Grandville.
      • A beautiful soundtrack composed by famous romantic-era composer Camille Saint-Saëns.

    Concept and Development

    The idea for Aviary Attorney came about after we trawled through the public domain, and discovered the beautiful and strange illustrations of French caricaturist J. J. Grandville. We could immediately see the videogame potential of Grandville's drawings, but it was his depictions of court scenes that made the design direction obvious.

    The choice of Jayjay Falcon as the main character came about due to our love of his heroic, if slightly bewildered expression. The character's slight resemblance to a particular Jojo's Bizarre Adventure may also have been a factor!

    Development of the game has been fairly swift since its conception in September 2014. We are confident that we can deliver PC, Mac, and possibly Linux versions of the game by summer, 2015. We are also likely to produce Android and iOS ports of the game soon after the desktop release.

    The game will of course be available in English, but we are also aiming to support French, German, and Spanish by the time of release, or soon after. Other language options are also being considered.


    Kickstarter Trailer - direct link

    Teaser Trailer - direct link


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    The Team

    Sketchy Logic is a two-person games development team recently formed in Coventry, UK. We aim to produce games that are meaningful, unique, and maybe even inspirational. The team members are:
      • Jeremy Noghani, a games designer with an academic background in the field of procedural generation. His roles on Aviary Attorney include programming the gameplay, designing the game's structure, and writing much of the game's dialog.
      • Mandy Lennon, a graphics designer with experience in web development and photography. Her roles on Aviary Attorney include the scanning, fixing, and animating of images, providing additional illustrations, and writing the rest of the game's dialog.